Polygon Awarded the Innovation Prize 2020

September 16, 2020

Polygon Germany was recently awarded the Innovation Prize 2020 by “Focus” and “Focus Money” and is among Germany’s most innovative companies.

In cooperation with the Institute for Management and Economic Research, “Deutschland Test” evaluated millions of consumer votes and identified Germany’s most innovative companies. The analysis focuses on innovation, investment, research & development, new products and technology. With the highest number of points, we set the standard within our industry and were awarded the 2020 innovation prize.

With innovations into a successful future

As the market leader in fire- and water damage restoration, we are working on new, customer-oriented and innovative solutions. In this context, we see digitization as a key element. In 2018, Polygon Germany therefore developed the PV-E-BOX as an innovative option for recording electricity consumption and has now integrated it nationwide into their daily work. In addition, Polygon is working on software solutions for digital loss recording to make processes easier and increase efficiency.

Polygon’s innovative strength is characterized by targeted investments, the use of state-of-the-art technologies and continuous further development. This enables us to break new ground in shaping the future, and we will continue to work on advancing our industry.

The complete test was published in “Focus” (issue 25/20).

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