Relevant’s Parker Stores: Industrial Distributor Delivering Quick and Comprehensive Solutions to Industrial Customers

May 17, 2022
Sonia Gossai

Relevant, a trusted and comprehensive industrial distributor, takes pride in owning and operating four Parker store locations strategically placed to cater to the needs of their customers. These Parker stores play a crucial role in providing customers with a convenient and efficient over-the-counter experience.

Jeremy Wilcox, Vice President of Connectors/Alternative Fuels at Precision Fitting and Guage, a Relevant Solutions Company gives a better understanding of these Parker stores and what they aim to achieve in this episode of Your Relevant Solution.

Covering different regions, Relevant’s Parker store locations include Tulsa, Oklahoma, serving the northeastern part of the state. In addition, they have stores in Bloomfield, New Mexico, located in the northwest, Albuquerque, New Mexico, their latest store opening, and Carlsbad, New Mexico. Each store is staffed with knowledgeable store managers who are well-equipped to assist customers with a wide range of products.

Relevant’s Parker stores offer various types of products, including hose assemblies, hydraulic and industrial products such as tube fittings, couplers, and filtration systems, among others. This industrial distributor with a unique product offering and a focus on system integrations has established world-class vendor partnerships with renowned manufacturers, enabling them to deliver premier products to their customers.

The reputation of Relevant Industrial is built on their commitment to delivering exceptional results. They attribute their success to the value they place on teamwork, their sense of responsibility, and their unique ability to provide customers with world-class services. Their dedication to solving industry challenges and their well-trained technical experts make them a reliable and trusted partner in the industrial market.

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