Save Money and Enhance Performance: The Power of Vacuum Boosters

May 16, 2023
Sonia Gossai

When there’s a problem with your equipment, your solution is to either fix the problem or replace the equipment altogether. It can be pretty costly if you’re always replacing your equipment, or even if you have to fix a part of it. Vacuum cleaners can run into different problems, and vacuum boosters make it easier to fix a major problem this piece of equipment can occasionally face.

On this episode of Your Relevant Solution, host Gabrielle Bejarano talks with Joey Limonciello, Product Manager of Blowers and Vacuums at Relevant Solutions, about vacuum boosters and what makes them unique. “They are unique in that you can add them into an existing system and really increase the efficiency and flow,” says Limonciello. “Whereas you don’t have to replace a pump necessarily, you can just add a booster into it.” Additionally, vacuum boosters are compatible with all kinds of pumps, making it an easy solution for many vacuum-related problems.

Main points covered in this episode include:

1. What makes vacuum boosters a great addition to a vacuum system.

2. How vacuum boosters save customers and businesses money.

3. Current trends in vacuum purchasing and the problems that result.

“The main trend right now that I’m seeing is a lot of customers migrating towards dry screw vacuum pumps,” says Limonciello. “And that is for… a lot of it’s for efficiency, because they’re very efficient, so you’re going to have less horsepower draw on it compared to a liquid rim, and also they don’t have to deal with the sealant fluid.” However, Limonciello points out liquids in the gas stream cause problems for dry screws, resulting in expensive repairs and rebuilds. For this reason and others, vacuum boosters are seen as good and cost-effective alternatives for replacing pumps.

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