Solving Problems, Empowering Industries, and Impacting Lives

January 3, 2023
Sonia Gossai

Problem solving is a way of life. It is a skill that everyone will employ, either daily or multiple times a day, in their everyday lives. According to some career experts, it is also necessary to find the right job or career. So, a position created explicitly for solving various problems for many industries is essential.

Relevant Solutions is the designated answer and resolution for problem solving regarding product issues and concerns. The company’s goal is not only to offer parts for product issues but also to fully incorporate solutions for every aspect of the said problem. And this business motto and purpose benefit its employees, as well as its customers.

On “Relevant Solutions,” Tyler Kern talked to Lance Bradshaw, the Honeywell Business Unit Manager at Relevant Solutions, about the role of his job, his experience, and how being a problem-solver has extended beyond the company.

Kern and Bradshaw also discussed …

1. Relevant Solutions can sustain itself given supply chain shortages and COVID-19

2. How the company is distinct from other similar organizations

3. The impact of the pandemic on Relevant Solutions and its effect on industries and its SmartLine Anytime program

“… Because of the COVID situation — the supply chain issues, we’ve become the mainstay for many of these companies to allow their processes to run and allow us all to have the oil and chemicals that we need in our great society here in America. So, without Relevant Solutions, we may be seeing higher gas prices, [and] we may be seeing fuel lines at the pump like we did in the 70s. Relevant Solutions just in the aspect of our SmartLine Anytime program has really had an impact on Americans’ quality of life, and it goes far beyond our SmartLine Anytime program,” said Bradshaw.

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