Steve Strong’s Vision for Concept Systems Going into 2023

August 9, 2022

After a momentous twenty-three years, Michael Helm has stepped down in his role as CEO with Concept Systems. Helm passed the torch down to Steve Strong, who chatted with host Tyler Kern about his future-forward visions for Concept Systems. 

After spending almost 15 years at the Boeing Company, Strong knows a thing or two about design and production systems. Operating in a highly complex and structured space, Strong made the switch over to Concept Systems to be a Regional Manager out of the Seattle office.  

“I’ve seen a lot of old, a lot of new, but it was all in one specific place,” said Strong, who is excited to move up from his role as regional manager after 15 months with the company. Strong was adamant about the strong potential that growth Concept Systems has. He remarked, “Concept…really is unique as an automation integrator. We don’t specialize in a specific market. We’re not, you know, a very niche provider of a single product. We’ve kind of seen it all and done it all…We’re really well-situated to grow.” 

While Concept has always been known for providing the right solution for unique and complex problems, Strong aims to take it a step higher and build organic growth through fostering relationships, inserting Concept into new markets, and taking some risks.  

Strong said, “The plan is to grow. The plan is to find new markets to grow into and really, I’m excited about just how well-situated we are to do that…” 

With only a month at the top under his belt, Strong is just starting to see how Concept’s future-forward strategy will play out. In the near-term, at least, Strong aims to direct regions to find new customers in the aerospace, food, and product development industries in their markets. 

Strong advanced, “…the world’s a different place, the company’s a different company, or will be a different company, and I think, again, we’re so well-situated to take advantage of that.” 

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