Strategies for Protecting Trees in Cities

May 8, 2023

Tune in to this enlightening bonus clip of Building Roots, where ISA Certified Arborist Wes Rivers engages in a captivating conversation with special guest Argyle Councilman Ron Schmidt. In this clip, Wes poses the question of the most effective methods for protecting trees in urban areas.

In This Episode

Councilman Ron Schmidt emphasizes the significance of education and implementing a tree ordinance that developers can adhere to. He highlights the importance of recognizing that trees hold immense value for the town, the community, and its residents. Preserving the existing tree canopy becomes a priority, and efforts should be made to work around these trees whenever possible.

To foster tree preservation, Councilman Ron Schmidt suggests incentivizing developers, not necessarily through financial means, but by providing other advantages that facilitate their development process. This includes considerations such as parking requirements and other qualitative measures that encourage a partnership between the developer and the town. The goal is to guide the development process rather than creating opposition. By establishing a mutual understanding, the town of Argyle can work collaboratively with developers to achieve desired commercial amenities while still prioritizing tree preservation.

Join Wes Rivers and Councilman Ron Schmidt in this engaging discussion that explores the importance of education, tree ordinances, and fostering partnerships between developers and communities. Watch now to gain insights into effective strategies for preserving trees in urban areas.

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