Takeaways Learned from the A3 Business Forum on Future of Automation

January 31, 2023
Azam Saghir

Between January 16-18, 2023, a record number of people working in the automation field attended the A3 Business Forum in Orlando, Florida. The annual forum hosts events relating to robotics, vision and imaging, motion control and motors, and the newest addition: artificial intelligence. The three-day forum is also a major networking opportunity for professionals in the automation industry and a chance for them to meet face-to-face with their current or potential clients. So, how was this year’s forum different from previous ones and what advice did seasoned attendees takeaway?

Calvary Robotics’ Vice President, Michael Marseglia, is a veteran attendee at the A3 Business Forums, having been an annual guest for seven years. He talked about his experience at this year’s forum and detailed the highlights of the event on the latest episode of Advanced Automation with host Josh Gravelle.

Marseglia and Gravelle also discussed …

1. Marseglia’s background in automation and his current role as a Vice President

2. The A3 Business Forum’s attendance growth and Marseglia’s experience of what draws him to the forum

3. Why the Forum’s ITR Economics presentation was a standout delivery

“ITR Economics has a very, very high accuracy rate in terms of predictions and they were able to tailor an economic forecast that very, very specifically addressed what we in the automation would be interested in, the trends, things that are going to affect our industry either today, over the next coming years, and even out until like past beyond 2030,” said Marseglia.

The presentation, led by ITR Economics’ Alan Beaulieu, offered some great advice and information about what he and other automation professionals can look forward to in the future of their industry.

Michael Marseglia is the Vice President at Calvary Robotics. He began his career in automation at a young age and entered the industry immediately out of high school. Marseglia self-described himself as having worked “every job” relating to automation and today holds the senior position he operates in. He’s been at the company for almost four years.

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