How Tamlyn and Woodtone Partnered to Produce Showstopping Materials

There is something about a design that can draw the eye. We often can’t explain it, but we’re drawn to an aesthetic or a certain item’s look.

For Tom Feret of Tamlyn and Cale Kids of Woodtone, the companies’ partnership has done just that, with a Woodtone panel perfectly trimmed by a Tamlyn product at a recent trade show in Las Vegas turning plenty of heads.

“(The panel) really pops in color. We wanted to promote that. We didn’t want our trim in this case to overtake and be dominant. So, we chose a shadow effect using black anodized, which is very robust as far as longevity,” said Feret, the Sales Director at Tamlyn. “So, it actually created a shadow around that panel to let that panel really pop and sizzle.

“It drew everybody’s attention really well. It came off looking fantastic.”

Of course, most trade shows currently are on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, and both Feret and Kids say they’ve had to make some modifications to how they do business. Some of those effects, however, have had surprising positive benefits, such as taking the number of architects they can meet with from one or two at a time to 60 or 70 with online meetings.

“It’s that we’re still able and have not felt the COVID effect like lots of industries,” said Kids, the sales manager for the state of Texas for Woodtone. “We believe the market is changing. Who would’ve thought a guy my age would’ve ever been able to get on a Zoom call?”

But that’s exactly what he and many others are doing, with the partnership creating showstopping materials continuing strong despite a pandemic.

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