The Convergence of Value and Technology in Supply Chain Logistics

April 13, 2022

Technology is integral to staying relevant in modern supply chain logistics, especially in markets that are always on the move and projected to evolve. A Licensed engineer and Designed Conveyor Systems’ President, Matt Ferguson, has witnessed this critical phenomenon firsthand.  Throughout his career, he’s observed how – when properly implemented and progress is identified – tech can be the key to achieving a customer’s goals.

But he also understands there are some difficulties and hurdles to overcome in the process.

“One of the biggest challenges with applying new technology is defining what good performance looks like,” Ferguson explained.

Join him and On Time in Full host Tyler Kern as they examine the convergence of value and technology when developing industry-specific logistics automation. They also explore how DCS creates and integrates new technology to impact their customers’ productivity as well as some of the trials involved.

With a background in systems integration, Ferguson is helping design equipment that uniquely fulfills customer needs, allowing them to actualize success and reach new levels of accomplishment.

“Let’s discuss how we can win in small ways, demonstrate that technology is going to actually solve the problem, or discover ways that it compliments how you do things now,” Ferguson said, “and then let’s begin to iterate – let’s continue to give technology a chance to improve and evolve because it has done so very rapidly over the past couple years.”

Find out how DCS is boldly pushing partners into the future so they can realize new levels of expansion.

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