The Heico Companies’ Story and Mission

The Heico Companies is excited to launch its new podcast, One Company, Many Industries, Countless Products. The show will offer insights, conversations and ideas across the multitude of industries and unique subject matters that drive who they are as an organization.

In the first episode, host Hilary Kennedy spoke with Madi Dixon, Global Supplier Diversity Program Manager, and Scott Hrdlicka, Director of Integrated Marketing and Brand Strategy, to learn more about The Heico Companies, its brand and its mission.

Hrdlicka started by sharing some of the company’s brand story. “We’re a buy-hold company with a shared foundation of resources for our operating companies. We’re a women-owned brand that’s family-owned and over 40 years old.”

The company recently completed a rebrand. Hrdlicka described the new logo. “The building symbolizes our structured approach with operating companies as layers. It’s a reference and symbol that connects to a promise.”

A key part of The Heico Companies’ brand is its U.S. and Canadian business units’ designation as women-owned businesses (WBE’s). According to Dixon, customers prompted the pursuit of this designation when they noticed the organization met certification qualifications. At which time “our chairman and an owner, Emily Heisley Stoeckel, invested in learning about what the community stood for and the value of certification.” After a meticulous application process, her business units were first awarded certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Women Business Enterprises Canada Council (WBE Canada) in 2016 and 2017 and are proud to have held the same since.

Since its designation, the company has found been able to better partner with its customers by supporting their Supplier Diversity objectives and has “enabled internal collaboration, finding synergies, and driving innovation, especially within the supplier diversity network,” Dixon added.

Supplier diversity is a significant part of operations, and building such a program is key to success, Dixon noted. “We intend to implement processes that enhance our current supply chains and ensure that diverse-owned suppliers have a seat at the table of opportunities.”

As for what to expect on future episodes, Dixon described bringing in experts from various business units who are part of The Heico Companies, subject matter experts within our corporate shared resources, and external partners to discuss industry-specific conversations like supply chain trends, supplier diversity and more.

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