The Role of Mobile Interoperability in the Future of Automation

Andrew Jackson of Vecna Robotics shared his front-line insights about mobile interoperability and its role in the future of automation.

“A mobile interoperability standard is a step forward for a more successful and smarter warehouse, because, when robots are able to actually talk and communicate their actions and their intentions together, it’s better for everybody.

It’s better for traffic jams. It’s better for interoperability with respect to pickup trucks and drop-offs.

When robotic systems can use one common source of language to essentially receive their tasks and prioritize them, then common industry problems where two robotic units meeting in an intersection giving way to each other are simply overridden. One has priority and knows to let the other one go.

In this way, we get a vision of the future in which cooperation between various different vendors is realizable future. And it’s just better for everyone.”

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