Trusted Experts in Moisture Management and Document Recovery Solutions

June 1, 2023

Dr. Dewpoint introduces viewers to Polygon. The focus is on addressing moisture issues and providing fast, reliable, and appropriate solutions for businesses. Polygon’s expertise and extensive experience in various industries make them a trusted partner in managing climate-related challenges.

With a proven track record in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food, coatings, and disaster restoration industries, Polygon is well-equipped to handle diverse projects.

Polygon’s knowledge of building construction, airflow dynamics, ventilation requirements, and the impact of environmental factors allows them to determine the right equipment and methods to achieve desired results. They prioritize maintaining optimal conditions through continuous measurement and tracking. The video emphasizes Polygon’s ability to manage moisture levels, control temperatures, and filter air using on-site and remote monitoring.

They employ various methods such as vacuum freeze drying, desiccant air drying, and document cleaning techniques using specialized materials to ensure the safe restoration of wet papers, books, and archival documents. Additional services like deodorizing, sterilizing, and digital imaging are available to meet specific needs.

Polygon’s support extends to disaster restoration contractors, providing drying solutions for commercial clients, equipment support during catastrophic events, and document cleaning, drying, and restoration services.

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