Unlock Data Insights: Analytical Solutions by Relevant Industrial

March 13, 2023
Sonia Gossai

Analytical partnerships and products can help companies unlock data insights that they may not have been able to obtain on their own to make better business decisions. Analytical measurements are critical in many areas of science and industry, as they enable researchers and analysts to make informed decisions about the composition and quality of various substances and products.

In this episode of “Your Relevant Solutions”, host Gabrielle Bejarano spoke in depth with Jennifer McGinnis, the Analytical Product Category Manager at Relevant Industrial about how to unlock data insights and other analytical solutions that Relevant Industrial is bringing to customers specifically through analytics partnerships and products.

As mentioned by Jennifer, “Water quality is an issue globally, so we deal with water treatment facilities that are for cities and we also deal with the water treatment within the chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants or food safety plants to ensure quality always to make sure it’s clean before been put back into the environment for usage.”

Jennifer McGinnis, who is the Analytical Product Category Manager at Relevant Industrial, has been with the company for about two years and she supports all the analytical product lines. Project management, sales, technical assistance, and manufacturing support are just a few of the industries in which Jennifer has worked.

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