Why Are Industrial Filtration Systems In Manufacturing Important?

March 7, 2023
Sonia Gossai

With the gradual expansion of the industrial filtration industry, the rotating equipment market is also seeing a boom. Naturally, the concern for the environment will also be a major priority when it comes to oil. As companies aim to find greener, safer, and environmentally friendly solutions like industrial filtration systems that can meet this goal.

How can improved technology, such as the kidney loop system, become a solution in reaching that goal?

In an episode of Your Relevant Solution, Roger Frakes, Vice President and General Manager at Switch Filtration, discussed the filtration industry and what solutions are currently being looked at in order to create and sustain greener initiatives.

Frakes also mentioned …

1. The growth and expansion of the industrial filtration and rotating equipment markets

2. New systems and technologies from Delta-Xero that can support inline filtration

3. How the new kidney loop system will be groundbreaking in creating greener solutions

“One of the things that we end up changing oil for is the environment that these turbines and engines are in. We’ve got salt, air, we’ve got land-filled gas that has glass in it, and all that stuff gets compressed in the engine and it blows by and gets down into the oil. So, it’s the environment of the rotating equipment. If we could keep and filter the air and filter the oil down to those levels, we wouldn’t need this, but it’s impossible; so there’s got to be another solution and with these kidney loop systems that Paul’s developed, we’re going to be able to attack that and have a greener environment with being able to continuously use the oil. And one of the key things that struck me about this, as well as not only does it go down such micron ratings, but it does not affect the additive package in some of the synthetic oils that are required for the high temperatures of the oil, so it’s a game changer to have this technology out there,” said Frakes.

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