Why did Polygon develop ExactAire Remote Monitoring System?

June 1, 2023

David Simkins, the Director of Engineering and Technology at Polygon US, introduces the Exact Air remote monitoring system. He explains that this system, developed over several years and currently in its fourth and fifth generation (e4 and e5), was initially created to meet the Navy’s need for monitoring coatings in ballast tanks and ship holds. The system ensures that climate conditions, surface temperatures, and moisture levels are suitable for coating applications, thereby protecting the integrity of warranties that can span decades.

David goes on to highlight that the technology expanded to address various other monitoring requirements. This includes tracking volatile organic gases, such as parasitic acid, ammonia, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide. The system also monitors air particles smaller than five microns, which can pose respiratory risks to humans. Additionally, the Exact Air system enables filtration assessment and maintains negative pressure in certain spaces. David emphasizes that this technology aligns with the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), where devices can measure and calculate safety conditions, both for individuals and building environments. He mentions that this real-time monitoring capability can benefit insurance companies, property management firms, and stakeholders by providing information on building conditions, potentially impacting building warranties, sales, and construction projects. There is already growing interest from insurance companies in incentivizing customers to adopt real-time monitoring for construction sites and buildings.

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