Why Smart Security Cameras Have Taken Over the Security Sector


Smart security cameras have become the most purchased product in the security sector, and Zach Supalla, Founder & CEO, of Particle, shares what this means for the security industry.

Zach’s Thoughts:

There’s clearly a technological advancement, which is one, just the fact that security cameras have gotten to be really cheap. And connected cameras in particular have just become very affordable. And alongside, the ability to do basic kind of computer vision, object recognition has been a huge asset to that space. It allows you to not just say, send somebody a video feed and say, “You gotta figure out what’s going on here”. But you can say, there’s somebody at the door, I can see a person, there’s a box here. Or in an industrial environment, like this machine is doing something weird, right? All these things you can do with computer vision. And the combination of sort of value going up and prices going down has been a big push to drive that.

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