Data Sharing and GIS Integration: Critical Drivers for Successful Utility Asset Management




Data sharing and GIS integration are revolutionizing utility asset management, enabling unprecedented collaboration and efficiency between utility companies and telecommunications providers. As these entities increasingly share critical infrastructure, the need for robust, data-driven strategies to monitor and maintain these assets becomes paramount. This integration facilitates precise asset health monitoring, enhances preventive maintenance, and ensures more resilient and efficient service delivery, which is essential for meeting today’s energy demands and technological expectations.

How can utility companies and telecommunications providers leverage modern technologies to enhance the management and longevity of their shared assets? Dr. Dominique Meyer, the Founder & CEO of Looq AI, provides a compelling perspective on this issue.

In his insights from a more extensive Experts Talk roundtable discussion, Dr. Meyer underscores the transformative potential of data integration in asset management.

Here are the main takeaways from his analysis:

  • Interconnected Asset Health: Understanding the condition of physical assets like distribution poles, which support both power and telecommunications, is crucial for operational reliability
  • Data Sharing and GIS Integration: The exchange of geographic and structural health data between utilities and telcos can drive better maintenance strategies and prevent service disruptions
  • Aging Infrastructure Challenges: With over seventy percent of utility assets being over twenty-five years old, proactive management is essential to mitigate risks and enhance disaster resilience
  • Collaborative Opportunities: There is significant potential for utilities and telecommunications companies to work together to optimize capital efficiency and asset utilization
  • Future-Proofing Infrastructure: Implementing advanced data analytics and machine learning can help predict failures and extend the life of these critical assets, ensuring a more sustainable and efficient grid modernization process

For a more in-depth exploration of these strategies and insights, visit the complete MarketScale roundtable discussion.

Article by James Kent

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