Providing Integrators with Video Wall Installation Service Solutions for Large Format Displays

A decade ago a video wall installation service for digital displays was straightforward, primarily featuring single display applications. Beginning a couple of years ago and continuing to escalate in 2018, video walls have become an increasingly favored design approach for new digital signage projects where impact is the word of the day. Video walls may cover an entire wall, even have curves and unconventional shapes, and sit 10 to 30 feet above ground level, with extreme weight loads to consider. The tools of 10 years ago were cordless drills, a level, and lag bolts and seem rudimentary in retrospect. Today, the tools are much more sophisticated, including the need for man lifts and laser levels. Before installing these massive video walls, structural certification may be required. Video wall installation is a job that requires true engineering expertise and precision installation techniques.

If the quality of the installation itself is lacking, your pixel pitch and resolution will not be the first thing most people will see. It will be the avoidable distraction brought on by a series of mismatched panels with inconsistent seams.  Avoiding the pitfalls is where PDS comes into the picture. With over 40 years of professional AV experience, PDS not only develops the best-engineered standard and custom mounting solutions on the market but goes beyond the hardware by offering installation services onsite, to ensure your large format LED and LCD video walls are flawless.

Finished video wall

Your video wall installation shouldn’t be a last-minute decision!

An engineering consultant must fully understand a project to foresee the needs, obstacles, and challenges involved. Anyone can plan for the obvious factors in a specification such as display manufacture with the respective size and weight of the video wall. It takes an experienced professional to understand all the implications and causative factors within a project and then communicate and collaborate with multiple contractors on how to complete the high precision, tight tolerance NPP video wall installation. To achieve an engaging, secure, and long-lasting video wall, what goes behind the display is just as important as the screens.

McCarren International Airport, Las Vegas Install

During a recent installation at McCarren International Airport in Las Vegas, PDS collaborated with all the stakeholders to have a full understanding of the goals and requirements. This project included a critical element of a pop-out style mount, offering single display maintenance with a support system for rigid attachment to the structure. This set-up also allows for maximum airflow behind the screens. Because PDS was involved from the beginning, we brought our expertise to the project early. We then developed the custom mounting structures to deliver the intended design.

The PDS installation experience

PDS starts with an onsite consultation to understand the opportunity with specific challenges, obstacles, and limitations of your space.

Our installation services include partial or guided help all the way up to comprehensive installation on site. We install all mounts, and any LED cabinets as necessary. Installing cabinets includes the physical attachment of cabinet to mount. We also handle cabling of power and signal from cabinet to cabinet, with the source from the wall already in place. Then we complete final alignment of the displays.

Our installation solutions are customizable and flexible, depending on the scale and application of each project.

Last minute changes are integrated quickly

Even the best plans for installation could go awry. The smallest of changes impact your timeline and increases costs. When you work with installation experts like PDS, we provide guidance to mitigate their negative effects when changes occur. This allows you to be proactive rather than reactive. In a recent project, we completed engineering about a month ago and as it was released to production, the integrator contacted us with an update on the site survey. The physical wall dimensions did not match the facility drawings. The difference was 1”, which may seem trivial, but is significant in a recessed video wall display. We were able to make the necessary adjustments prior to installation and move the project forward.

24×8 Curved Video Wall

A perfect install partner for integrators

Not only do we offer installation services, but we can train installers as well. If you have skilled laborers on the site, we work with them to ensure the mounts go up as intended.

Video wall installation is much different than single displays. It’s a specialized skill set with few training programs available to master it. PDS, as an engineering firm and component manufacturer, bridges the knowledge gap for integrators.

Precision alignment of displays and mounts are critical for a large-scale video wall. Rely on the experts at PDS to help. Our goal is to enable our partners to achieve success while giving them confidence that the structural integration and attachment of displays will be handled by experts.

Learn more about how PDS can be your video wall installation experts.

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