Bob Nunes talk


Another month, another update on the world’s favorite nut: Almonds. On this episode of Nut News, brought to you by Select Harvest USA, we get the skinny on the international almond market after the release of the May Almond Position Report. Giving his perspective again on almonds in the global economy is Bob Nunes, CEO of Select Harvest USA. Nunes summarized May’s shipments, coming in at a staggering 178 million pounds, up 13% from last year.

In addition to May’s numbers, Nunes compared fiscal years and commented on how almond prices may fluctuate as we move between harvests. Mild spring weather affects harvest time and provides insight on when the fall crop will likely be ready for shipment. A July crop estimate leaves us hanging on the definitive calculations for future crops. Almonds remain high in demand with India and China as leading buyers.

Nunes gave his insider insight on how fluctuating international relations and the threat of tariffs may affect the almond industry, and what sort of back-up plan Select Harvest USA has in store during these tumultuous political times.

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