Resolving Ice and Condensation Issues in Poultry Facility Freezers

June 1, 2023
Carey Scott

Mark Wicker, the Product Manager for Food at Polygon, addresses the issue of ice and condensation buildup in a low-temperature freezer at a poultry facility in Oklahoma.

Polygon’s solution for the facility involves the implementation of a pre- and post-cool desiccant dehumidification system, along with other equipment. The system operates at a capacity of 10,000 CFM (cubic feet per minute) to effectively address the ice and condensation issues.

The video showcases a 100-ton chiller that supplies chilled air to the pre-cool air handling unit (AHU) and the post-cool coil. The system combines 50% air from the space with 50% outside air, effectively managing the humidity levels. A 128-shoe fan delivers air to the HC9,000 CFM desiccant dehumidifier, which conditions the air to a low relative humidity (RH) of 5% and a dew point of 2 degrees. The post-cooling process ensures that the air returned to the space maintains the desired conditions, preventing the formation of ice and condensation in the freezer.

Polygon’s commitment to delivering effective solutions for their clients is evident in their implementation of the pre- and post-cool desiccant dehumidification system. By addressing the ice and condensation issues, Polygon helps ensure the smooth operation of the poultry facility’s low-temperature freezer, contributing to the overall success of their clients’ operations in the food industry.

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