The Tools Restaurants Will Need to Reach Their 2022 Goals

December 15, 2021
Barbara Castiglia


Before technology entered the restaurant industry, commercial businesses had to rely on cash registers. The first industry to adopt a point of sale (POS) system were retail and grocery stores, and restaurants didn’t integrate the technology until about 30 years ago. President and Founder, Nadav Solomon, of Tabit, a POS and tableside ordering system company, explained how Tabit elevates human interaction through technology with various products based on one unified platform

Solomon described their business model to Host Barbara Castiglia: “We redesigned all the software, not as an afterthought, like other POS companies… our solution actually provides great benefits to different restaurant players.”

Castiglia commented on how today’s staff desires these types of technologies, and the numbers reinforce why business owners should, too:

  • Increases the average per person check by 15%
  • Reduces labor on the floor by 25%
  • Eliminates server mistakes by 80-90%
  • Lowers table turn time by 12-15 minutes

Solomon explained, “As long as you have demand, you can dine in more people, each one of them are going to pay more and buy more food from you.”

With Tabit, restaurants can eliminate manual labor and increase mobility rate. For example, customers can more quickly split the check and receive drinks quicker. Solomon also described how servers can have educated and customized upsell conversations based on their food orders through the technology.

Additionally, Tabit technology is easy to adapt to major events like the pandemic. When restaurants closed, restaurants utilizing Tabit were able to easily transition to online operations and seamlessly turn servers into deliver drivers.

However, none of these benefits would be possible without access to data. Solomon predicts that the industry will shift from “collect and redeem” to “surprise and delight” loyalty programs — because of data. Tabit can make this possible by partnering with its customers to identify goals and ensure those are achieved through regular consulting and mobile tool monitoring.

Ultimately, Tabit streamlines the restaurant industry’s pain points, elevates the customer experience and aims to partner with restaurants to grow their company.

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