On this “Secure the Bag” segment of Business Casual with Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern, contributor Taylor Bagley took on the recent Twitter performance of Tito’s Vodka, and Austin, Texas-based distiller.

Specifically, Tito’s took to the social media platform last week to call out Twitter users jumping on a joke trend leveraging the spirit, with many claiming (with tongues firmly in cheek) that they would use Tito’s to craft hand sanitizer to fight the spread of coronavirus.

However, Tito’s showed that the brand thinks it’s no laughing matter – the brand’s social media accounts replied to such tweets with factual information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, highlighting the body’s recommendation for sanitizer of 60% alcohol or more.

“I think what this really does is kind of shows the true colors of how a brand can utilize social media to the best of its ability,” Bagley said.

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