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Tag: Business Casual

NYC Adds Dining Out Tax in an Effort to Help Restaurants

Small business restaurants have been particularly hard hit by COVID’s lockdown measures. In NYC, a COVID hotspot, restaurants have only recently reopened to limited capacity. As the weather cools and outdoor dining becomes more di

Professional Cheeseburger Taster Job is a Case in Creative Marketing

Everyone has their own definition of “dream job,” but for fans of all-American food, there’s no better job than “Cheeseburger Tester.” According to CNN, the casino review site, BonusFinder, announced the paid “job,” to coincide...

Remote Education Struggles to Reach Students in Salt Lake City

As Salt Lake City went back to school this week entirely virtual, the school district saw a major drop in enrollment and a shocking lack of student participation. The cause? Many students lack the equipment...

DraftKings Expands its Pro Sports Market Share with New Partnerships

Sports fans have been satiating their craving for the stadium by participating in online sports betting and fantasy sports as the pandemic prevents large gatherings. Virtual sports events are only expected to continue rising in...

Parents Struggle to Afford High-Tech Back to School Shopping

73% of the nation’s largest school districts are still educating students remotely this Fall. This means back to school shopping isn’t about that new backpack, but about buying bluetooth headphones, software, and computers to conn

Oracle Wins Bid for TikTok But Still Seeks Political Approval

The race to buy Gen Z’s favorite social media app, TikTok, has been front and center in the past few weeks. Finally, TikTok’s Chinese parent company, ByteDance, struck a deal with Oracle after turning down...

Target Pledges to Hire More Black Employees Over the Next Three Years

Target Corp recently pledged to increase diversity throughout their retail company, focusing on hiring and retaining black employees. Target’s publicly released data showed black employees made up 15% of their workforce last year,

Executives at Mining Company Take the Fall For Destroying Ancient Archeological Site

In pursuit of iron ore, the Australian mining company Rio Tinto, blasted through the historic caves of the Jukkan Gorge. The area is rich in aboriginal heritage dating back almost 50,000 years. Rio Tinto shareholders...

Kohl’s Invests Big in Customer Cash Back Loyalty Program

In this Business Casual snippet, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern explore the landscape of loyalty rewards programs in the retail space. In a post-COVID, retail-shy marketplace, what is the value of loyalty reward programs?...

McDonald’s Revives Celebrity Brand Collaboration with Travis Scott Burger

Twenty eight years ago, McDonald’s partnered with Michael Jordan to brand, market, and sell their meals. The fast-food chain has not attempted a celebrity branded partnership since...until now. On September 8, Variety reported the

Peloton Cuts Product Prices in Attempt to Expand Customer Base

In this Business Casual snippet, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern consider Peloton’s investment in gym-shy budget consumers. Peloton’s move signals the company’s bet that the gym experience may never fully recover. If their bet

Minnesota Icon Surly Beer Hall Permanently Closes Doors

Clinking cold pints on a hot day with friends is a familiar sound of summer. But 2020 has a different summer in store for craft breweries. In Minneapolis, CBS Minnesota reports the Surly Beer Hall...

Will US Airlines Dropping Change Fees Get Customers Booking Again?

Few industries have been hit as hard by the global pandemic as the airline industry. Even as the U.S. State Department lifts its “Do not travel,” advisory, travel is merely trickling back. With business travelers...

Target’s Business Model Proves More Profitable Than Its Competitors: Business Casual

On this Business Casual snippet, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern consider whether Target got lucky, or whether the company strategically set itself up for success.

Why Uber & Lyft Threatened to Leave California For Good: Business Casual

A San Francisco judge threatened the ride-share business model; Uber & Lyft retaliated with a boycott.

Microsoft Finally Retires Internet Explorer: Business Casual

Right around the 25th anniversary of Internet Explorer, Microsoft announces the final end to the company’s hallmark proprietary browser. To take its place, Microsoft offers a new version of Edge, the browser powered by Google...

Payless Returns from Bankruptcy as an Online Retailer: Business Casual

Millennials saw another piece of their childhood die off last year when news revealed the reliable back-to-school staple, Payless Shoesource, was filing for bankruptcy. The affordable shoe store chain could not survive the ecommer

Careers Are Out There But Hiring Data Remains Muddy: Business Casual

The Trump Administration and ADP (Automatic Data Processing Inc.) have varying figures on the Summer’s hiring data, but one thing is for certain: hiring slowed in July, reported the Washington Post. The slowdown coincides with...

Epic Games Gets Fortnite Fans to Fight Apple’s App Store: Business Casual

Apple’s products have been so well designed, the company has acquired over a billion users. With that captive audience, Apple keeps users from straying by creating a single point of sale--the app store. The cost...

Airlines Look to Cut Flights to Small Cities if Federal Funding Expires: Business Casual

The air travel industry took an enormous hit as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The government rushed to their aid with $50 billion dollars in March, and the airlines managed to continue service. But...

Blue Canary’s Dan Ryan Weighs In on Southwest’s Scaled-Back Cleaning Protocols: Business Casual

On this Business Casual segment, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern sourced thoughts from Blue Canary Co-Founder Dan Ryan to highlight an industry leader’s perspective on Southwest Airlines’ recent decision to scale back COVID-19-

Walmart Dipping Same-Day Delivery Options: Business Casual

On this Business Casual segment, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern explore how America’s biggest retail juggernaut, Walmart, is attempting to keep pace with the I-want-it-now world of modern retail.

Uber & Lyft Get an AB-5 Update: Business Casual

On this Business Casual segment, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern outline how an already struggling ridesharing industry – Uber reports that it’s lost nearly $2 billion over the past three months – is facing...

Fitness Professional Brett Larkin Unpacks New Gym Mask Mandates: Business Casual

Gyms were particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. By nature, the facilities share space and touchpoints in high frequency. But gyms are still looking to bounce back. Planet Fitness CEO, Chris Rondeau, recently announced

Buffets Appear to Be A Thing of the Past for Vegas: Business Casual

Buffets are an environment that may not fit into the world’s “new normal.” With tight lines, open-air food, and the sharing of utensils, buffets don’t lend well to COVID curtailing efforts. Caesars Entertainment has taken...