For well over a quarter of the US labor force, working from home is a semi-permanent reality. That means Zoom meetings aren’t just a passing phenomenon. Microsoft is meeting the needs of many remote workers with their product, “Microsoft Teams.” Engadget recently reported a sweeping update of Teams’ functionality and services. The developments include virtual meeting rooms that closely mimic an actual room. Custom screen layouts make for a cleaner look for group presentations. And, max team participation increases from 5,000 participants to 25,000.

On this Business Casual snippet, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern take a closer look at Microsoft’s updates and whether they’re serving the needs of their customers. Litwin and Kern take a look at usage data to see if Microsoft is successfully drawing in new clientele.


  • 42% of the US Labor force were still working from home in July of this year.
  • Microsoft Teams releases a slew of new updates that add features and functionality to their video conferencing service.
  • Updates include “Together mode,” breakout rooms, auto recaps, and custom visual orientation.

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