Target Corp recently pledged to increase diversity throughout their retail company, focusing on hiring and retaining black employees. Target’s publicly released data showed black employees made up 15% of their workforce last year, according to StarTribune. In the next 3 years, Target aims to increase that by 20%, with a special focus on presenting black employees with opportunities for growth and leadership.

On this Business Casual snippet, hosts Daniel Litwin and Tyler Kern consider the rippled effects of Target’s well intentioned move. Is hiring more black employees the most valuable investment in the black community? What can Target and other big retailers do to help the black community without encroaching upon it, as Walmart did in Chicago?


  • Target pushes for more diversity throughout its company with new public pledge.
  • Though Target’s workforce is more diverse than the national population, positions of leadership are less so.
  • In what ways can corporate entities invest in and support black communities?