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Dallas Mavericks Executive Discusses Organization’s Push for Sports Diversity

Sports diversity
Sports are loved by people from all walks of life and played by people of diverse backgrounds. Despite this fact, oftentimes the big players behind these scenes are not as Read more


Conversations from Shoptalk Europe: Retail Refined meets with Christoffer Sellin from COS
June 6, 2023

Shoptalk Europe 2023 brought the technologies and channels driving the future of retail into a clear perspective. This year’s annual event from May 9-11 in Barcelona allowed Retail Refined’s Melissa Gonzalez to sit down with key stakeholders making a difference in the market. COS (Collection of Style) is a European fashion brand doing innovative things […]

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PGA Tour LIV Golf Merger
Why the Merger of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf is Great for Golf
June 6, 2023

The PGA Tour, LIV Golf, and DP World Tour have announced their merger, putting an end to the conflict that has dominated sports business news for the past 18 months. This merger is expected to bring more financial opportunities, increased accessibility for fans, and a variety of golf events. It is seen as a […]

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Accessing the Cloud in the Clouds, Are We There Yet?
SmartSky Networks | Accessing the Cloud in the Clouds, Are We There Yet?
June 6, 2023

Within the world of business aviation, accessing the cloud in the clouds, Are We There Yet? To answer this question, Host Grant Harrell looks to SmartSky Networks, an industry-leading organization that has established a next-generation air-to-ground (ATG) network that provides an unmatched connected experience inflight for both cabin and crew. SmartSky Networks’ patented beam-forming […]

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Dallas Mavericks Executive Discusses Organization’s Push for Sports Diversity
May 9, 2023

Sports are loved by people from all walks of life and played by people of diverse backgrounds. Despite this fact, oftentimes the big players behind these scenes are not as diverse. Data shows that the diversity of executives in sports is actually lagging behind. However, some sports leagues fare better than others, and when it […]

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Addressing Educational Disparities in STEM for Underserved Youth
March 21, 2023

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology and innovation, careers in STEM fields have become more in demand. However, there remains a significant educational gap for underserved youth in pursuing STEM careers due to institutional biases and lack of access to resources. The efforts of two chemists, Dr. Kenneth Gibbs Jr. and Dr. Ciara […]

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Diversity, Grit, & Falling Forward: Diverse Women Inspire
March 16, 2023

The Power Up with Manal podcast recently had the honor of interviewing Janitra Taylor, Chief Product Officer and a Philadelphia native. Taylor shared her inspiring story of growing up in a single parent household and having grandparents encouraged her that she could excel in anything that she endeavored, so long as she put the […]

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A Look Behind the Names of the 2023 United States Artists’ Architecture and Design Fellows
February 14, 2023

Each year, the United States Artists awards $50,000 to selected artists for their cultural contributions; these artists are from a variety of industries, including design, architecture, writing, social activism, and more. This year, 45 artists received Fellow titles, four of which were from the Architecture and Design Discipline. Who are these architecture and design […]

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High Turnover in Diversity Roles is a Reflection of Unrealistic Expectations
November 23, 2022

Diversity roles, specifically diversity and inclusion managers, have been the second fastest growing job title in the last five years according to LinkedIn. Yet, these positions are also experiencing a high turnover as many small- and high-profile businesses can attest to. Nike, one of the most visible in this trend of diversity roles jumping ship, […]

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Dig Your Heels In: A Working Woman’s Series with YiDing Yu
June 25, 2022

YiDing Yu is the CMO at Olive, a practicing physician, published researcher, and serial entrepreneur. As a female in the healthcare and tech industries, she’s excited about the growth of women in healthcare. Yu said she grew up with a ton of interests. She knew she wanted to be a doctor when she was little. […]

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Experiential Experts: Why Representation Matters in the Workforce – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
May 9, 2022

While the pandemic may have put a pause on travel over the last two years, things are gearing back up, with different industries hosting a splurge of in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. ImpactXM is proud to be servicing over 25 clients at the ICSC Las Vegas event from May 22-24th. In the meantime, hosts […]

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Diversity Blooms into Creativity in the AV Industry
March 29, 2022

During women’s history month, Pro AV Today podcast host Ben Thomas welcomed Kelly Perkins, Marketing Director at Kinly, to discuss the lack of diversity in the AV industry and investigate ways in which the industry can expand its reach. One significant challenge the industry faces is the lack of awareness within the general population. This […]

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Women Breaking The Glass Ceiling In Energy
February 1, 2022

In this episode of E2B, Energy to Business, Daniel Litwin sat down with three prominent women within the energy industry to discuss diversity in the workforce with a focus on career opportunities in the energy industry. Directors Katie-Rose Herd and Maggie Caldwell, and Principal Byrony Coan, all with energy consulting business Opportune, had a vibrant […]

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