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Weaver: Learning About Employee Stock Ownership Plans

An employee stock ownership plan is a form of employee benefits that rewards workers by giving them a share in the company in the form of a stock. ESOPs, as they are dubbed, have steadily Read more


navigating healthcare’s competitive landscape
From Athlete To Executive: Navigating Healthcare’s Competitive Landscape
September 28, 2023

Navigating healthcare’s competitive landscape requires innovative solutions addressing care quality and affordability. CapExpert is a game-changer in outpatient healthcare. It enhances asset management, ensuring the best care for patients. Luke Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of CapExpert, spoke with Highway to Health’s David Kemp on how CapExpert enhances asset management, bridging visibility gaps and streamlining […]

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How do Noise-Canceling Microphones Work?
September 28, 2023

Have you ever wondered how noise-canceling microphones work? This brief product video from Icom provides the answer. Icom’s advanced F7000 Series P25 radios, along with select IDAS models like the F3400D boast cutting-edge noise-canceling microphone technology. Icom achieves noise canceling through the AMBE+2 vocoder, distinguishing between speech and background noise, converting the former into […]

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GSOC/CSOC experts
The SOC Landscape is Seeing a Gradual Change as Professionals Pivot from GSOC to CSOC
September 27, 2023

Professionals from the GSOC environment are moving over to the CSOC landscape, and this is a very noticeable change and sign of the SOC industry’s evolution. The transition unveils an unprecedented layer of similarities and experiences, clarified by the willingness to be the learner in the room. As the world moves toward navigating […]

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Weaver: Learning About Employee Stock Ownership Plans
April 20, 2023

An employee stock ownership plan is a form of employee benefits that rewards workers by giving them a share in the company in the form of a stock. ESOPs, as they are dubbed, have steadily increased in popularity since their inception in the 1970s. So, what exactly is an ESOP, how do you know if […]

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How One MRO Company is Creatively Overcoming the Industry’s Talent Shortage
May 11, 2022

Fresh off the conclusion of the MRO Americas 2022 Aviation week, host Grant Harrell of the podcast “Are We There Yet?” sat down with Cam Murphy, the president of FEAM Aero — an aircraft maintenance company. The pair discussed the aviation industry, and how the global pandemic greatly affected various aspects of the field. But […]

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Conversations from the Edge: Exploring Efficient Ways to Administer Employee Safety, Quality, and Compliance Training
December 15, 2021

Safety, quality, and compliance training are essential, but are time-consuming and create administrative burdens for businesses. Greg Crumpton, Vice President of Critical Environments and Facilities at Service Logic, and Tony DeAscentis, CEO of Ving, chatted with host Tyler Kern about how Ving is changing this. Ving offers a safety, quality, and compliance training and […]

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How to Cultivate A Custom of Customer Service with Instructor Dave Griffiths
November 17, 2020

Industry-leading companies have set a new standard for customer service. The modern consumer expects nothing less than constant availability, personal touches, attention to detail and a willingness to go above and beyond in meeting their needs. Seems like a tall order — but Dave Griffiths is here to show you how you can meet and […]

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Target Pledges to Hire More Black Employees Over the Next Three Years
September 16, 2020

Target Corp recently pledged to increase diversity throughout their retail company, focusing on hiring and retaining black employees. Target’s publicly released data showed black employees made up 15% of their workforce last year, according to StarTribune. In the next 3 years, Target aims to increase that by 20%, with a special focus on presenting […]

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How the Steel Industry is Attracting and Retaining New Talent in a Modernized World
March 26, 2020

As the technology-native Gen-Z comes of working age, flashy Silicon Valley jobs twinkle in their eye. But there’s another industry that is attracting these fresh young minds, and it is working hard to retain and invest in the people that choose to work there. That industry is manufacturing. Joined by Derek DeGeest, President of DeGeest […]

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What Workers Want: A Discussion on How to Retain Employees
March 23, 2020

Gone are the days where you work at a company for thirty years and get a gold watch, Katie DeSimone echoed. Today’s employees want something different out of their workplace, and companies like Vari are taking note. Not only does the company put an emphasis on recruiting and retaining their employees, they also set […]

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Coronavirus Prompting Big-Box & Gig Job Employers to Tweak Sick-Leave Policies: Business Casual
March 18, 2020

As the spread of coronavirus continues to spike here in the U.S., both impacting our economy and leaving people sick and/or quarantined for prolonged amounts of time, it’s disconcerting to say the least, that our country has no federal paid sick-leave mandate that ensures affected employees are paid while recovering rather than having to […]

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The 5 Best Cities for Job Seekers
December 25, 2019

With job markets continuing to expand You may be looking for your next big career move. Here are the top 5 cities for job seekers according to indeed. Number 5 – Nashville, TN. Number 4 – Birmingham, AL. Number 3 – Boston, MA. Number 2 – San Francisco, CA. Number 1 – San Jose, CA. […]

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