Gone are the days where you work at a company for thirty years and get a gold watch, Katie DeSimone echoed. Today’s employees want something different out of their workplace, and companies like Vari are taking note. Not only does the company put an emphasis on recruiting and retaining their employees, they also set themselves apart as a workplace that invests in the health and happiness of its people. So what can other companies do to set themselves apart, attract and retain top talent?

Only 33% of today’s employees are engaged with their workplace, DiSimone said. This means that nearly ⅔ of today’s workforce lacks intentional interest in their work. If employees don’t see opportunities for growth and learning they look elsewhere, resulting in high turnover, DiSimone said.

At Vari, DiSimone spearheaded Vari University, an internal program designed to offer employees opportunities to try new things and foster a growth mindset. By championing an environment that encourages failure, mistakes, and learning, employees are motivated to expand within the company and think long term about their future there.

Company culture and purpose-driven benefits also appeal to modern staff. By publicizing and standing by company values, employees feel part of a greater community that makes a difference and has an impact in the world. Company culture is more than just a cool break room, or free coffee. It’s offering benefits that help employees make the most of their off-time, and lead a healthy, balanced life.

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