Why your Industrial Food Plant has a Dripping Ceiling and too much CO2 at Floor Level

June 1, 2023

Nick Kline addresses the questions and concerns regarding the placement of carbon dioxide and moisture in industrial food plants. He explains that the answer lies in the force of gravity. Air, composed mainly of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and trace gases, also contains moisture as part of the trace gases, despite their relatively low percentage in the air. The speaker discusses the atomic masses of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide, noting that carbon dioxide is heavier and thus tends to settle closer to the ground where people are, causing safety and hazard issues. On the other hand, moisture vapor, being lighter due to its composition of hydrogen and oxygen, floats up and can condense on the ceiling, posing sanitation problems. The video suggests that understanding these principles is crucial, and Polygon is positioned as experts who can provide assistance in addressing issues related to carbon dioxide buildup, condensation, fog, freezing coils, and temperature control in industrial settings.

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