Navigating the Complex Waters of Supply Chain Fees: Comprehensive Insights into Demurrage and Detention in International Trade

April 19, 2024
Mike Bush


In an era where global supply chains face unprecedented challenges—from pandemic-induced disruptions to escalating international trade tensions—the nuances of logistics operations, such as demurrage and detention fees, are gaining significant attention. These fees are intended to streamline port operations but often result in substantial financial burdens for businesses, highlighting a critical area of the logistics industry that demands closer scrutiny. With billions potentially at stake, understanding and managing these costs is more crucial than ever.

What exactly are demurrage and detention fees, and why are they such a contentious issue within the logistics sector? This pivotal question sets the stage for a thorough exploration in the latest episode of “Hammer Down.”

Hosted by Mike Bush, this episode welcomes Sara Dandan, founder of FourOneOne, a company specializing in managing logistics disputes. Together, they unpack the intricacies of demurrage and detention charges, providing insights into:

  • The definition and purpose of these fees and the common issues arising from their application.
  • The role of technology in tracking and disputing these charges, and its limitations.
  • Effective strategies for businesses to handle and dispute unjust fees.

Sara Dandan, with her extensive background in freight forwarding and supply chain management, brings a wealth of knowledge to the discussion. Her expertise is built on years of experience in the field, combined with a deep understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing these fees.

Article written by MarketScale.

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