Art is Helping Remake Medicine

November 29, 2023
Brian Urban


Can art help remake medicine with the therapeutic potential to make a difference in healthcare?

The rise of holistic approaches to well-being provides an opportunity to bring out the artistic side in healthcare. And on the latest episode of the Healthcare Rethink Podcast, host Brian Urban takes a deeper look into that intersection between art and medicine.

Urban sits down with Emily Peters, CEO and Founder of Uncommon Bold. Together, they discuss the profound impact of art on the healthcare industry, tracing its influence from ancient times to the present day.

The conversation begins with a nostalgic look at Peters’ early days as a sportswriter, highlighting her journey from capturing human interest stories in sports to blending art and communication in healthcare. Peters’ unique perspective, rooted in her background in sports writing, tech startups, and healthcare, offers a fresh take on the transformative power of art in helping remake medicine.

A standout moment from Urban and Peters’ conversation episode centers on the work of the MASS Design Group, led by Michael Murphy. This organization has been instrumental in reimagining the design of healthcare institutions, particularly in Africa. Instead of the sterile, fortress-like structures we’ve become accustomed to, MASS Design Group’s hospitals are vibrant, community-centric spaces that prioritize healing and recovery.

Peters’ insights, combined with the groundbreaking work of visionaries like Murphy Jr., underscore the undeniable link between art and medicine. As the healthcare industry continues to innovate and evolve, it’s clear that art will play an increasingly vital role in remaking medicine and providing better future possibilities.

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