Next Level Innovation Requires Next-Level Data—and Courage

December 8, 2023
Brian Urban


In the vanguard of healthcare transformation, next-level data emerges as a tool and a catalyst for courageous innovation that Dr. Emily Lindemer and Morgan Health are championing.

Healthcare Rethink, a FinThrive podcast hosted by Brian Urban, delves into this fusion of next-level data and healthcare innovation with guest Emily Lindemer, PhD, the VP of Healthcare Innovation at Morgan Health of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Together, Urban and Lindemer unpack the transformative role of data in shaping healthcare delivery.

Lindemer shares her journey from neuroscience to spearheading healthcare transformation through data analysis. Her personal story, beginning with a teenager’s confrontation with dementia’s impact on her family, showcases the driving force behind her passion for healthcare innovation. McGill University’s unique computational neuroscience program laid her academic foundation, leading to Lindemer’s pursuit of understanding the underlying mechanisms of health issues through data.

This episode delivers profound insights into how harnessing next-level-data approaches improves health outcomes and the overall healthcare ecosystem, particularly in employer-sponsored insurance.

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