Exploring the Fundamentals of Validation in Life Science Manufacturing

October 26, 2023


In the rapidly evolving domain of life science manufacturing, validation emerges as a cornerstone to ensure that products meet stipulated requirements concerning quality, safety, and efficacy. This pivotal aspect of manufacturing comes to focus as regulatory landscapes shift, mandating stringent compliance to ensure patient safety.

In a recent episode of Exceeding Your Benchmark, a podcast by Benchmark Products, host Gabrielle Bejarano sits down with Nessiem Samuel, Co-Founder and Head of Compliance and Validation at GxP Impact Consulting, to explore the essence and intricacies of validation in life science manufacturing. The discussion spans from delineating the validation process and its criticality in ensuring product safety to the challenges faced by startups and established operations in adhering to validation norms amidst evolving regulations.

The episode underscores validation as a multi-faceted process entailing verification to ensure that products align with design specifications, guaranteeing safety and efficacy once they reach the patients. Samuel elaborates on the lifecycle approach to validation, emphasizing the importance of commissioning, qualification, and eventual validation in facility and process aspects. He shares insights on the significance of in-house process validation while suggesting the outsourcing of early commissioning tasks. Samuel also touches on strategies for effectively managing growth in life science manufacturing while ensuring validation and compliance, highlighting the role of robust planning and asset management in this endeavor.

For those looking to deepen their understanding of validation’s pivotal role in life science manufacturing, this episode is a valuable resource. It offers expert insights into navigating the compliance and validation landscape effectively.

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