What is a Data Hippie?

December 29, 2023
Brian Urban


Amid a constantly evolving healthcare landscape, the Healthcare Rethink podcast, presented by FinThrive, graces the ears of its audience with insights from Chris Boone, Ph.D., an Executive and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Health Administration at NYU, affectionately known as the Data Hippie. Hosted by Brian Urban, this episode ventures into the realms of healthcare economics and the utilization of real-world data, unraveling Boone’s journey from aspirations of healthcare administration to his impactful role in pharmaceuticals and education.

The episode illuminates Boone’s origins, upbringing in Dallas, and drive to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry. This dream transcends local boundaries towards a global influence. Boone’s reflections on his career trajectory, from hospital roles to pharmaceuticals, underscore his unwavering commitment to the sector. Despite his modesty, the conversation shifts to his influential projects, highlighting his stance on health economics and outcomes research and the value they add beyond mere economic measures.

Boone’s thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic reveal the shift in cultural and operational norms, particularly the accelerated adoption of telehealth. His commendation of big-box retailers like Walgreens for their proactive vaccination efforts highlights their critical role in mitigating the crisis, especially in underserved areas. Boone’s narrative also touches on the layers of complexity in clinical trial diversity, from structural issues to patient trust, emphasizing the multifaceted challenge of improving trial accessibility.

As Boone, the Data Hippie, unpacks the intricate relationship between economics, accessibility, and health equity, it becomes clear that the pandemic has not only altered healthcare delivery but also opened doors to new patient care and drug distribution approaches. His expertise and insights on the subject matter educate and inspire change, fostering a future where healthcare is more inclusive, equitable, and innovative.

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