GREENVILLE, SC – Quantros, a leading provider of quality analytics software to healthcare providers and purchasers, has released their annual CareChex® Awards. These awards celebrate the accomplishments of hospitals and health systems across the nation in specific clinical categories.

Quantros has been helping hospitals leverage their data into clear insights and actionable improvements for decades, allowing patients to feel confident in choosing a hospital differentiated with a CareChex® award.

2021 CareChex® awards use CMS data from October 2016 to September of 2019 and are based on Quantros’ proprietary scoring system which compares inpatient performance across general, acute, non-federal US hospitals.

Quantros prides itself in providing the most comprehensive and objective calculation of hospital and health system quality performance in the industry:

  • Our vast datasets allow for accurate benchmarking and risk-adjustment
  • No self-reported or survey data is included
  • CareChex® awards are not “pay-to-play,” all general, acute, non-federal hospitals within the US are included
  • Results are tested for statistical significance, resulting in clearer, more accurate performance differentiation across 39 clinical categories in both Medical Excellence and Patient Safety.

Why is CareChex® by Quantros superior to other quality rating methods?

CareChex Awards by Quantros utilizes a peer-reviewed risk-adjustment methodology to more reliably measure rates of mortality, complications and readmissions — appropriately weighting and accounting for all of the risk factors relating to a patient’s principal and secondary diagnosis, as well as other patient characteristics that may increase the probability for adverse clinical outcomes. These rankings do not include any self-reported data.

If you are interested in if your organization earned awards, click here to request your 2021 award summary.