AI Can Harness SaaS in Healthcare Through a Variety of Different and Advanced Tools

November 27, 2023
Geoffrey Roche


For a special segment of HealthTrio, the topic turns to the innovative use of SaaS in healthcare, which is currently a trending subject at the forefront of modern medical technology. The episode briefly looked into how SaaS platforms are revolutionizing healthcare management and patient outcomes.

This episode featured Geoffrey M. Roche, the Executive Advisor at the Executive Advisor of National Health Care Practice at Core Education PBC and a seasoned healthcare professional with more than a decade of experience as a hospital administrator. Roche shared his thoughts into the role of SaaS in the health field and emphasized its potential to improve patient outcomes and advance health equity. He highlighted capabilities in SaaS healthcare platforms and how it has greatly changed health. Roche also stressed the importance of technology, like AI, in the shift towards value-based care, noting how SaaS assists healthcare organizations to increase the likelihood of positive changes and efforts. He further touched on the benefits of using SaaS and its impact in the healthcare sector from his perspective as an experienced practitioner in the field.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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