Amazon Launches Virtual Health “Storefront”


A telehealth solution named Amazon Clinic has been launched by Amazon. Amazon Clinic describes itself as a virtual health “storefront”, where users can search a database of telehealth providers who offer consultations for a wide range of conditions. A total of 32 states will be the first to launch Amazon Clinic. At present, it does not work with health insurance, and prices will vary depending on the provider, condition, and location.

To weigh in on what insurance companies should pay attention to as this solution rolls out, Melanie Musson, Health Insurance Expert at Clearsurance gives her take.

Melanie’s Thoughts:

“Amazon launching their telehealth services is a big deal and insurance companies need to pay attention because the way that insurance is set up is that you pay for a doctor’s visit and whether your problem is minor or major, you’re gonna pay for that office visit and it’s gonna cost probably $150.

And people with high plans, people that don’t expect to meet their deductible, they’re not gonna wanna go to the doctor and spend that much money, but they could use Amazon Telehealth and spend $40 to $60, which is so much cheaper. And they’ll be so much more likely to visit to have a visit with a telehealth doctor or clinician with Amazon.

Insurance companies should probably think about offering similar micro visits for a cheaper cost so that they can compete with what Amazon has.”

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