Across Instagram and other social media channels, critically ill patients began posting pictures of themselves in chairs. The seemingly unconventional selfie was part of a nationwide campaign by the National Infusion Center Association to #ShareYourChair.

On this episode of the Champions of Care podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with Brian Nyquist, Executive Director of the National Infusion Center Association, which advocates for patient access to in-office infusion and injectable medications among autoimmune and chronic disease communities.

“Most people don’t understand the disease management journey these patients have endured,” Nyquist said. “They don’t understand the value that effective disease management has brought to the lives of millions or the challenges that providers are facing in providing care for these patients. They don’t understand having access to the right drug at the right time in the most economically responsible setting can be the difference between being disabled and being able to work.”

NICA’s #ShareYourChair campaign was a unique way to highlight how patients across all spectrums are receiving life-saving and preserving medications from the comfort of a nearby infusion center.

“One characteristic that I think is really different from cancer patients is that most of these folks don’t look sick or look like they’re battling a chronic disease. So, one aspect of this campaign is to bring awareness to these ‘invisible diseases,'” Nyquist said.

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