ChartLogic to Exhibit at the MGMA18 Conference in Boston Massachusetts

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) will host its annual conference beginning September 30. With a focus on solving healthcare’s biggest challenges, MGMA18 is the premier event for professionals who lead medical practices. Thousands of healthcare leaders will be converging on Boston to collaborate, learn and network.

Because of our position in the industry and our service to medical practices, ChartLogic is excited to attend this year’s event in Boston. MGMA18 is an excellent opportunity to chat with medical practices about their pain points related to their EMRspractice management, and billing. We work with medical practices across the country helping them adopt technology that improves workflows, office efficiency, profitability, and most importantly, improves patient care.

During the four-day event, MGMA18 expects to have a significant turnout from their 45,000 medical practice members. The event offers specialty tracts for attendees, continuing education sessions, and industry thought leader keynotes.

MGMA is committed to healthcare advancement, offering its members expertise, resources, and solutions related to making your practice more successful. With sessions that cover almost every aspect of running a practice, you’ll come away from the event with new ideas and inspiration.

You’ll find new solutions on the exhibit floor as well. We’ll be there, demonstrating how our powerful technology works to enable greater capabilities for your practice. More details on our exhibit below:

ChartLogic Exhibit Information

  • WHEN: October 1st-2nd – All Day
  • BOOTH: #2427
  • DEMO: EHR, PM, & Patient Portal

Schedule a meeting with us at the event! We look forward to seeing you in Boston.

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