ConCensis: How to Bring Your Scope Management Process Into the 21st Century

Endoscopes are complex surgical assets made with various intricate parts depending on their use. Processing includes sterilizing, cleaning, transporting, and storing these tools. All of this requires intense asset management. To discuss moving scope process into the technological age, host Tyler Kern invited Jacob Long, Director – Sales Engineering, and Hannah Shipp, Product Owner – Censis to the podcast.

“You see a lot of complexity and variations in the scopes out there. It’s a diverse surgical asset,” said Long, “The process and regulations vary with different endoscopes, depending on the type of instrument and its use. Scopes have similar expectations and rules for processing relative to the type of scope. It’s not the same as sterile instruments, where an instrument can sit on a shelf until it’s compromised. Whereas scopes have hang-times or storage times.”.

ScopeTrac Advanced allows technicians to ensure each scope is processed correctly every time. It tracks all the complexities and changes for different types of endoscopes. “We developed a product that meets all customer needs… they can add settings based on the scope’s specific needs,” said Shipp, “A lot of times, issues related to endoscopes come down to patient safety. If you can track your scope inventory properly including, testing, leak tests, the number of times it’s been processed, and all sorts of processes related to the different scope types then you can easily follow what you should be doing helping to improve the safety of your patients.”

The software tracks key elements of sterilization making sure all requirements are met for endoscope reprocessing. Consolidating, tracking, and updating the information for each device is key to patient safety. ScopeTrac Advanced continues to evolve with helpful feedback from clients. Learn more about the software here.

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