ConCensis Panel of Purpose: Censis Technology Users Conference (CTUC)

This year, the theme for the Censis Technologies Users Conference (CTUC), is the “Power of Purpose.” ConCensis Host Gabrielle Bejarano was joined by the following from Censis to dive into the purpose of the conference and this year’s theme: President Ankush Kaul, Allison Flood, VP, Customer Success & Service, Barry Phetteplace, Chief Technology Officer, and Seamus Johnson, Senior Director of Application Development.

Kaul explained that the conference became a formality due to customer feedback that revealed the essentiality of networking, sharing similar challenges, and learning about the best tools to make daily life better.

“Think of it as a community of dedicated individuals coming together to learn about what’s the best way to do their jobs and the best way to serve patients,” Kaul explained.

Almost every individual will rely upon healthcare services and the sterile processing industry at some point in their lives. “Despite the highly technical and very critical job that the folks in sterile processing do, they are an under-recognized group and so we have an opportunity to really elevate that group through what we do,” Johnson said. “We all depend on the healthcare system.”

One of the centerpieces of CTUC is the continuing education it offers attendees, which is key in the healthcare industry. “The world that we live in is not static at all, and that is especially true for the healthcare sector,” stated Kaul. “It becomes supercritical to stay ahead of all the changes that are going on in the marketplace and technologies and processes for us to be able to serve our customers better and ensure patient safety,” he continued.

“Getting all of that brainpower in one event together, in one room together is just such a great way to learn from each other,” Flood added.

In addition to the innovation and brainpower the conference spurs, the significance of the communication piece of CTUC cannot be overlooked. Phetteplace explained that voice of the customer (VOC) is a common method of interacting with customers that requires having scripted questions to capture data, quantify it, and solve problems. “The value of something like CTUC is that it is less about that scripted, VOC (voice of customer) type of interaction and more about freeform communication with our customers,” explained Phetteplace.

This year’s CTUC theme is the “Power of Purpose.” Kaul elaborated upon the personal meaning of this theme: “The community we interact with on a day-to-day business gets to impact patient safety and by just doing our job and making it better and ensuring patient safety, we are not only impacting direct customers, which are the patients, but a lot of families that are associated with that.”

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