A Second Opinion Could Help Curb Wasteful Healthcare Spending in the US


On today’s episode of the MarketScale Healthcare podcast, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin explores waste in the American healthcare system.

A recent October 2019 study in JAMA by Dr. William Shrank showed waste makes up almost a quarter, or 25%, of U.S. healthcare spending, which, when quantified, can reach $935 billion by some estimates.

How does this impact the system as a whole? What are some potential solutions? We’re spoke to both of those major questions today with Jason Melton, CEO of 2nd.MD, who’s looking to combat waste in our healthcare system through medtech.

Specializing in medical certainty, 2nd.MD connects patients to a network of hundreds of expert physicians ready to give a second opinion on their diagnosis and treatment plan, with the goal being to create an optimum treatment plan from the beginning to significantly improve outcomes and reduce ineffective or unnecessary medical spend.

Melton and Litwin spend the podcast breaking down…

  • How 30% of healthcare costs are wasted on unnecessary or incorrect care
  • How wasteful spending fits into the broader dynamic of overspending in American healthcare
  • The financial and health effects of incorrect care on physicians and patients
  • Where a medtech solution fits into the mission to curb wasteful care spending
  • How 2nd.MD created and expanded their network of physicians

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