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Physicians Are Sick of Their EHRs. They Need to Be Simpler

improving HER use in healthcare
  It’s time to rethink the use of EHRs for both physicians and patients. For years, they’ve been an electronic version of a paper chart, but that’s not working anymore, and Read more


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Legacy Payment Companies Embrace Blockchain Solutions. Their Infrastructure is Still “Fundamentally Not Aligned” with Web3 Payments.
June 2, 2023

Legacy payment companies are finally embracing blockchain solutions at scale, though still behind compared to the innovation that young fintech companies are bringing to the next generation of payment solutions. Regardless, this embrace is taking many shapes, and it’s still not a guarantee that they’re up to the task. In the last year, Visa […]

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The Importance of Legal Counsel to Major League Organizations
June 2, 2023

Live sporting events continue to be at the forefront of entertainment in America year after year. Between enthused fans, good food and drinks, and anticipation for record-breaking moments, the ambiance of a stadium on a game day is unmatched. However, behind the scenes of our beloved stadiums and sports traditions lies term sheets and contracts […]

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Divergence Between Stocks and Bonds
The Divergence Between Stocks and Bonds & Emerging Market Trends
June 2, 2023

As the world of investing continues to evolve, it’s crucial for industry leaders to keep pace with the shifting landscape. One particular topic gaining traction is the divergence between stocks and bonds – an economic paradox affecting portfolios worldwide. Recent data shows that traditional investment strategies, like the 60-40 portfolio (60% in stocks and 40% […]

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Physicians Are Sick of Their EHRs. They Need to Be Simpler
April 22, 2023

It’s time to rethink the use of EHRs for both physicians and patients. For years, they’ve been an electronic version of a paper chart, but that’s not working anymore, and physicians are feeling it.   While EHRs don’t work for most physicians, most patients love them. According to a recent study published by Annals […]

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How One Cardiothoracic Surgeon Creates Positive Patient Relationships
April 21, 2023

As it pertains to doctor-patient relationships, one of the main components of that is confidentiality and professionalism. But another key aspect to successful relationships between a doctor and their patient is also how successful the communication is and whether the doctor is building good rapport with them. What are some fundamentals of positive patient relationships? […]

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How Health Campaigns Improve Healthcare Literacy
June 3, 2022

Healthcare organizations’ ability to connect with their patients is critical to ensuring their various types of quality care. In the debut episode of the podcast “Dash Talk,” host Gabrielle Bejarano talked with Eric Krepfle, Vice President of Product Management at Relatient, a patient engagement organization that helps healthcare providers and practices foster better relationships with […]

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Owning the Future of Healthcare: How Health Catalyst Drives Better Population Health Through Data
January 25, 2022

Population health may seem like a marathon, but it is immensely beneficial for patient outcomes. Jonas Varnum, Vice President of Population Health Strategic Services at Health Catalyst, joined Host Hilary Kennedy to discuss how to implement population health. The goal of population health is to create a better system with less waste. Currently, there […]

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Why Big Tech Sees Value in Healthcare Data
July 5, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic hit just as many countries were finding their long-term stride around value-based care, one of the leading strategies for reimagining global health systems. Pushing up on ten years after the publication of the study, “The Strategy That Will Fix Healthcare,” we have a better picture of what is and isn’t working […]

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Navigate Disruptions to Care that Affect Health, Budgets and Operations
May 19, 2021

The healthcare landscape is growing more complex seemingly by the day – and that was leading the industry down a dark path toward worried patients and overwhelmed physicians when it comes to the intricate web of payments, budgeting and operations. That’s why Co-founder and President Ryan Coplon formed HealthWallet. The “health concierge” service offers a […]

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What are the Interoperability Challenges our Healthcare System is Facing?
October 29, 2020

As the culmination of more than two decades in the healthcare industry, NextGate released the industry’s first fully managed Enterprise Master Patient Index, or EMPI, in the cloud. NextGate CTO Dan Cidon joined this episode of I Don’t Care with Kevin Stevenson to talk all things healthcare data. NextGate’s EMPI looks to deliver providers […]

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Curvebeam Announces Certification for HiRiseWBCT System for Entire Lower Extremities
October 1, 2020

CurveBeam is the leader in weight bearing CT imaging for the orthopedic extremities. Only CurveBeam systems offer a wide patient platform that lets patients stand naturally on both feet during a scan. CurveBeam’s HiRise can scan anywhere along the lower extremity from the hip & pelvis to the feet. Weight bearing CT imaging of the […]

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Mitigating the Spread of Hospital-Acquired Infections
September 14, 2020

During the global spread of the novel coronavirus, the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic and, now, efforts to engage in reopening, much has been said about strategies aimed at helping control infection in our daily lives. However, what about in the very facilities treating not only patients with COVID-19, but those with other conditions? Hospital-acquired infections, those […]

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