Examining the Vaccine Rollout from a Public Health Standpoint

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The mission of Health Matters is to promote health equity by elevating the conversation around healthy habits, preventative health, and relevant public health issues. By approaching these topics with an equitable lens, we can all do our part to empower individuals to make more informed decisions about their health and care.



MarketScale introduces its new podcast, Health Matters, which aims to promote health equity with conversations with experts and thought leaders. Introducing the concept and talking about the most central healthcare issue right now, COVID-19, are hosts Dr. Jose Medina-Inojosa and Alisa Johnsrud.


“We want to bring listeners content that’s accurate
and tell you why health matters.”

– Dr. Medina-Inojosa


Dr. Medina-Inojosa is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. He specializes in cardiovascular preventive care. Johnsrud is a healthcare coordinator for HACER (Hispanic Advocacy and Community Empowerment Through Research) in Minnesota.

Johnsrud noted, “We’ll be looking at relevant public health issues through an equitable lens to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health.”

Dr. Medina-Inojosa added, “We want to bring listeners content that’s accurate and tell you why health matters.”

They plan to cover all spectrums of health, but for the first few episodes, COVID-19 will be the focus. Dr. Medina-Inojosa remarked he’s optimistic right now about the pandemic.

Johnsrud shared her experiences working with patients. “Needs that were already there have been exasperated by the pandemic. Those already struggling, struggled even more. However, people are more conscious now about how their decisions affect others.”

They next discussed the vaccine, clarifying myths that it was hurried or an experiment. “It was not rushed, and every step of the approval process was followed. It was expedited but proven as safe and effective,” Dr. Medina-Inojosa explained.

He also shared that the vaccine wasn’t starting from scratch. It follows previous RNA vaccine models and those of previous coronaviruses.

The rollout of the vaccine has been fraught with challenges. Johnsrud said, “There have been technical and access challenges. Older populations need help to get appointments, and language was a barrier.”

Johnsrud and Medina-Inojosa also offer advice on the options for getting the vaccine and other critical information for the public.

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