The technology industry is most often associated with the term “innovation,” but startups and Silicon Valley execs aren’t the only ones rethinking how we do business. The Healthcare industry is constantly innovating and looking for new ways to be more efficient, safe, and excellent. “I Don’t Care,” talks about how healthcare organizations are making structural changes with guest Paul Aslin, a healthcare organization, transformation, and innovation expert.

After the economic downturn of 2008, Aslin found himself reassessing what he could do with his business experience that would produce meaningful work. He found the answer in healthcare. Today, Aslin works to help hospitals achieve organization excellence. He does so using the Baldridge criteria, an award that outlines seven categories of excellence: Leadership, strategy, customers, measurement analysis, knowledge management, workforce operations, and results.

Though the Baldridge criteria is intentionally vague, it helps organizations hone in on their mission and vision. Through clearly defined goals down to the director level, the criteria brings value to the organization. Aslin details how the submission-driven innovation program has helped spearhead various initiatives that lead to a more prosperous organization at both the employee and patient level.

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