Modern medicine is always looking for the latest and greatest new minds, new clinicians, and more input for what to do for patients in particular cases. What if one of those minds around the proverbial table was artificial intelligence?

Rohan D’Souza, the Head of Product for KenSci told MarketScale how AI can help save lives in healthcare. D’Souza says, the world has an “amazing opportunity to apply these modern tech breakthroughs around machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve some really complex problems.”

These technological breakthroughs do not come without some resistance, however. Although it is a wonderful time to be in artificial intelligence, the word “artificial” is really what throws people off. It does not always sit well with a highly educated workforce and KenSci is on a mission to get that definition converted to “assistive intelligence.”

The idea is that the intelligence is not replacing humans, but giving humans assistance, using data to help the clinician make the right decision at the table.

KenSci uses all types of data to accomplish this task, and is very connected with Microsoft Azure, leveraging the Azure cloud for most of its applications, and it can run a fully trained machine learning network in about 60 minutes with scoring on a basis of every 5 to 10 seconds.

A lot of the challenge, says D’Souza, is not necessarily in the innovative technology or the science of solving the problem, but in the art of delivering that solution.

“A great thing about it is that test scenarios and repeatable assets are stored from us all over the world which helps in decision making, even though we cannot guarantee that the results that worked in Indiana will work in Singapore,” says D’Souza.

Still as long as people understand that this is not an overnight magical fix and something that people are committed to for the long run, they’ll really be able to see results.

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