Whether a movie scene, a photo from a thrilling real-life mission or even just a suburban 9-1-1 call center, we can all picture what a control center looks like. There’s the screen, the gadgets and the consoles where people work.

One thing that stands out in 2020, though, is there’s often not a whole lot of space between workstations. That’s now changing, with companies like Constant Technologies in the mission critical space quickly adapting to make work stations safe for those doing critical jobs at a critical time.

“One thing that we’re extra aware of now is the flow of people in an operations center,” said Heather Conover, Senior Project Manager for Constant Technologies. “We’re trying to be aware of entrances, exits, corridors, anywhere there could be a traffic jam in a room where people are trying to social distance. Another thing we’re seeing that’s popping up everywhere is added signage in an operation center to maybe show social distancing or arrows on the floor to show you, when you exit, which way you can go.”

While the name of the game is about keeping people further apart, we all hope for the day when we once gain are able to be within six feet of each other. With that in mind, many of Constant’s designs are allowing for that space to be utilized in the future as something different once the need for social distancing lessens.

“Things are really going to get spaced out more, and, in those spaces, we’ll find ways to provide more storage or maintain a distant space so, in the future, if they want to add on to their room, they’re already set to add these new positions in,” said Ron Costa, Director of Console Operations at Constant Technologies.

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