COVID-19 has intensified up the public’s fear of entering hospitals and seeking care. The result? Elective surgeries are falling to the wayside, and those that need care are putting it off. But the truth is, hospitals are experts as handling infectious diseases, explains “I Don’t Care,” host Kevin Stevenson. So amidst widespread fear, how do providers assuage public anxiety and convince patients to come in for the care they need? Guest Susan Edwards, a healthcare administration expert, joins the podcast to explain her 6 step approach to strengthening a communications effort that combats this consumer concern.

Edwards said an effective communications strategy is all about continuity. This means not just having one channel of distribution. Assuaging patient fears must extend into the written, spoken, and visual elements of communication. This consistent reinforcement creates comfort and trust in patients, and consumers need this reminder repetitively. As the spread of COVID-19 continues to ebb, it becomes all the more important for the hospital’s messaging to be consistent and reassuring.

Edwards brings her expertise and experience to the podcast, as well as a free gift for listeners. Tune in gain a better understanding of how strong internal and external communications can help providers offer better holistic care.

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