How to Find Unique Ways to Enhance the Patient Experience and Exceed Expectations

July 13, 2021

Dr. Jennifer Palombi, Senior Manager of Professional Education and Development at CooperVision, led the discussion for the premier episode of ECP Viewpoints. To kick off this first episode, Palombi invited two 2021 Best Practice Honorees to engage in a conversation surrounding unique ways to enhance the patient experience – Dr. Nicolette Scott, Founder of Broadview Eye Center in Ohio, and Dr. Bryan Heitmeyer, Founder of Clearvue Vision Center in Kent, WA.

First, the two discuss on-demand shopping online and smartphones’ impact on patients’ perceptions of healthcare. It’s natural that patients want that same level of instant access to their healthcare that they have to other services. Dr. Scott and Dr. Heitmeyer believe today’s patients have a certain level of expectation. Patients want their healthcare experience to focus on accessibility. “[For example,] it’s being able to get a hold of them if they have a question or after hours,” Dr. Scott said, adding that she’s noticed these trends in patients growing.
Next, they talk about how they approach this issue. Dr. Heitmeyer believes it’s essential to not overlook communicating the value that the practice to a patient. Simply put, he says that “if they don’t know what you do or how you do things, they go to price shopping.”
Lastly, the group talks about what a practice can do to differentiate itself from the competition is to innovating how it treats the patient experience. One step Dr. Scott took was to undergo personality assessments with her entire staff. The goal was to understand how to relate to each other and their patients. Dr. Heitmeyer allowed patients to schedule their appointments online.
Listen to this premiere episode to learn from these successful business owners. You can find this podcast on Apple Podcast and Spotify.


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