3 Executives, 1 Mission – Improve Member Lives!

March 15, 2024
Brian Urban


Three healthcare executives share a common goal: Improve Member Lives. This mission becomes ever more critical in an industry continuously seeking the right formula for quality care. In the current climate, where healthcare expenditures represent nearly 20% of the U.S. GDP, according to a report from CMS, the impetus to optimize member care while curbing costs is a mammoth challenge these leaders are eager to address. On the Healthcare Rethink podcast, Brian Urban steers a discussion that digs deep into the confluence of innovation and tradition, probing into the potential of technology as a facilitator, not a replacement, of the human element in healthcare.

In this episode of “Healthcare Rethink,” Urban sits down with three trailblazing executives whose companies are at the vanguard of this challenge: Andrew Parker, the Founder & CEO of Papa, Joe Cardosi, the Founder & CEO of Free Market Health, and Nathan Landsbaum, the Plan President and CEO at Sunshine Health. They discuss integrating innovative healthcare models that aim to improve patient’s lives through technology without losing sight of the human element.

Critical Points of Conversation:

  • Enhancing member engagement through digital platforms while keeping the human touch
  • Addressing the unique needs of Medicaid populations with high-tech and high-touch solutions
  • The critical role of data and connectivity in optimizing healthcare delivery

Andrew Parker, the pioneer behind Papa, has a knack for growth and an eye for innovation. Since his last appearance, Papa has embarked on “Phase Two,” expanding their human care platform’s influence within the home, targeting specific health plan goals, and introducing programs that resonate with recent CMS requirements. With over 2.5 million in-home support visits, Papa is shaping the landscape of personalized health assistance.

Joe Cardosi, the tech wizard at Free Market Health, is driving a revolutionary approach to specialty drug provision. Under his stewardship, the company aims to align the complexities of the specialty drug ecosystem with the core need for patient-centric care. His platform facilitates a competitive marketplace and ensures that every step of the patient’s journey—from prescription to adherence—managed with utmost care.

Nathan Landsbaum, steering Sunshine Health with a finance acumen and leadership flair, spotlights the health plan’s initiatives like Sunshine Health Works. This workforce development program educates and employs community members, empowering them to serve in healthcare. He focuses on addressing the supply-demand imbalance in healthcare resources and enhancing interoperability to enable real-time decision-making for member care.

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